EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! (One of the best songs in cinema)

Wow this film. I mean I like Lego and everything but they certainly did a very good job in creating a fun and heart-warming story that is going to boost Lego share price through the roof! I was lucky enough to go to Legoland this year and wow it was heaving… more people there than I have ever seen. The gift shop was full of merchandise from the film… so many people in the shop it was hard to move, people literally fighting over stock! And none of it is cheap!!

So yeah, this story is a bit matrix like in the fact that most of society are a bit mindless and go about their everyday lives… “following the instructions”… building things according to the instructions of the lego boxes… but a secret and persecuted group full of “master builders” mix and match up the lego.. yeah so kids can be “master builders” too… more lego sold! And yeah, super baddie… lots of battles etc… awesome film…. even if it did kind of heavily push the sale of more Lego.

It’s a great family film, heartwarming and awesome. And if you like lego in the slightest at any point in time, then this film is for you! 🙂




Two Coelhos, directly translates from Portuguese as Two Rabbits. But it really means the same here as Two Birds (as in killing two birds with one stone; shooting rabbits…).

I really don’t understand this film. Sometimes that can be a good thing but i’m not sure it really works here. I was pressured in to watching it as every week at work we have a movie evening. We stick on a dvd and watch a film one person recommends. There are a few Portuguese people at work so this seemed a popular choice… but I definitely wasn’t the only person who said WTF at  the end of it. I mean image you are a husband and you are driving along in a car and somebody drink drives and crashes into you… your wife and child are killed but somehow you survive… why would you be friends with the person who killed your wife and child… become their partner? WTF





Definitely wont watch again.


I’ll be honest, I saw this film about a year ago! I’m going to try my best to catch up and write all the movies I have missed, I have written nearly all of them down to write later! 🙂

This film is Omid Djalili’s first movie as the main character. For those that don’t know, he is Iranian, usually his stand up involves a lot of light hearted jokes about him being Iranian or the way he looks. So this film was particularly relevant for him.

Mahmud Nasir (Omid Djalili) is a muslim. His wife is muslim, his children are muslim, his family are muslim. But one day he finds out a life changing secret, that he was adopted. And his real parents were Jewish!!!

So he has a life crisis as he doesn’t know how to handle this new knowledge. He finds a Jewish guy (who he generally hates) to teach him how to be a Jewish man; and to help find him his real parents.

It’s quite a funny story and one I am glad to have watched. But as much as I like Omid Djalili, I really don’t think I will watch it again.



A family animated super hero movie! I felt like the only person on the planet who hadn’t seen this movie. I missed it a couple of times when it was on television so I thought I had to watch it!

It starts of with two superheros falling in Love, then eventually all the super heroes go into boring ordinary jobs, them included.


They have children who also have super powers… and circumstances mean they become the Incredibles!

Decent family film which has recently been given the green light for a sequel. I won’t be going to cinema to watch but maybe when it comes out on Dvd.


ulia Roberts… what a woman! haha. I’ve never seen this as my father would never watch this and my mother has seen it and even complained when I said I just watched it as she had already seen it (but I was watching it!!).

The story is based on the true one about Erin Brockovich who was instrumental in bringing down PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) who were poisoning the counties water supply. Julia Roberts plays Erin, extremely well in my opinion, she is a single mother, a vastly uneducated legal assistant (who she fought all odds to get) and managed to unite the people to take on a multi billion dollar company.

Her dress sense tells you a little bit about her.

Say what you like about her, but she is very ballsy… very ballsy indeed!

A brilliant film, ok there were no explosions and any nudey car chases but it was a really interesting story which in my opinion counts for much more than all the CGI you can throw at a film.

I would tell you to go and watch it, but I feel i’m the only person who hasn’t seen it!


t’s Sunday again and i’m watching another animated film! This was recommended by pretty much every website to do with international animated films. Sylvain Chomet being a pretty famous for making animated films I guess it would be natural for me to watch this one day! It is supposedly his masterpiece.

There are so many great visual images to this film! I wont put them all but some were terrific. Although despite all the strong visual images I carry from the film I didn’t really like it, certainly not to the level I thought I would prior to watching it, maybe this was because I watched the Illusionist and another of Chomet’s work La vieille dame et les pigeons  (maybe I should write that up too, but it was a long short film lol).

The picture above is of a little boy who lives with his grandmother and she does everything she can to try and make him happy, including buying him the dog, but what he really wants is to ride in the Tour De France. So yeah cycling.

He grows up….

I can’t really remember how they came to meet the Triplets of Belleville and what they really did to support the main storyline but they are singers, famous singers in their youth and them keep on singing. I can’t say too much about them but they certainly love to eat frogs!

I don’t want to ruin the story but he gets kidnapped whilst on Tour De France by the mafia and becomes a prisoner… riding in the underground gambling circuit….

I wouldn’t recommend this film, I mean it was ok but it didn’t blow my mind like some of the other animations I have watched!


 didn’t purposefully buy or intend to watch this film, it’s a kids film, but it was on tv and I have to say it brought back memories of a film I loved as a child Jumanji . It’s funny because if you search Jumanji 2 on a search engine this film comes up instead!

It’s a story of two boys playing a game where they end up in space and bad things keep happening to them as they play the game.


Oh and it has Kristen Stewart in it 🙂
I think I mentioned in a previous post that people give her stick but would be high fiving everyone on the night bus home if you got to sleep with her lol.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to watch a modern version of Jumanji or has kids/wants to watch a family movie.