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Truth about Christmas


I walked into my local library and saw this with a display the librarians had made which was all about Christmas.

This was a tiny book, really small with only about 75 small pages. I sat and read all of it in one sitting, took me about 30 mins to finish it.

I have to say that it was really great. It told me a wealth of information about  Christmas and was short enough to hold my attention. Truth nuggets I guess; for instance the 12 days of Christmas are directly after Christmas day. 25th December was just a date to replace the Saturnalia festival. The first advent calendars had chocolate in them, despite old people saying they prefer the “good old days” when there were just pictures inside.

I’m not sure how to rate this as it is a short book and was well written for a short book. I would recommend people to read but i’m not so sure about the £10 RRP!



Hunt for Red October
I have heard many references to this movie many times, but have never watched it. It’s a classic right? Despite being made in 1990 it is definitely a classic film. If I knew it was going to be that good I definitely would have watched it sooner.

I knew it had Sean Connery in it, but it also has Alec Baldwin, Tim Curry and Sam Neill. Everyone’s acting in the movie is first rate and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Basically the film is about a new typhoon type Soviet Sub being developed which is capable of holding nuclear weapons on board along with it’s secret weapon being a caterpillar propulsion system which allows submarines to move forward without being detected by sonar. Thus allowed to move past US sonar warning systems and potentially be able to launch a ICBM from super close range. Obviously the US can’t let this happen, and with the captain going “insane” the Soviets are trying to capture the sub before the US, or causing WW3. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but basically the submarine is called the Red October named after the Russian Soviet evolution and thus everyone is “hunting” for it.~

The first 20 mins of the film everyone is speaking Russian… EVEN SEAN CONNERY! He sounds so weird speaking Russian… but they all resort back to English and you have to give the director credit by how smooth the transition between languages went, you hardly noticed… except for Sean Connery who speaks English very strangely too!

I would definitely recommend, and thanks Tom Clancy who died recently for writing such a fantastic book which was made into a film. I have never read the book but if it’s anywhere near as good as the film, which i’m sure it is, then you did an amazing job :salute!:

Oh and here is a popular culture reference to Red “Octobear”:




The Fish Child


The Fish Child. One of the very few LGBT films I have ever watched (Brokeback mountain and err Boat Trip?), i’m sure there are more but not that I can remember from the top of my head.

The movie is in Spanish and where a rich girl falls in love with her maid…. she’s some politician’s daughter and well yeah things might happen.

So this is a famous scene where both of them are in the bath. My step mum came home just as this scene came on so I quickly turned it off because she might of thought I was watching a porno haha.

Anyway, the film is sweet in a weird way. They plan to run away together but things get messy and all kinds of problems come up.

I’m glad I watched the film, but I doubt i’d recommend it. It didn’t really hold my attention in the way I thought it might but the experience was somewhat unique.




Rango! An animation blockbuster not made by Pixar or Dreamworks… but by Nickelodeon movies. Surely a budget film when compared to the blockbusters by the big guns of animation? WRONG, even Johnny Depp plays Rango a comedic chameleon who gets into a massive adventure from literally falling out of the sky. Mainly in the search for finding water, and helping everyone he meets along the way in finding water…. but where is all the water? DUN DUN DUN.

I had thought this film would not be so great and perhaps based solely for children. I was wrong. Although I wasn’t overly impressed with the movie I did enjoy it and has kept me thinking about it far after the film had finished.

I loved the goldfish in it, should have been more of the goldfish! Here’s a pic:Rango2

Beautiful animation! A little weak on the story line in some parts, but on the whole it was a really good film for all the family.

I doubt i’d watch again any time soon, but it was nice to watch another really well made animations.



I did hear about this film when it was in cinema, although it doesn’t feel like that was in 2011! Time really flies by! I remember the Yemeni Tourism board had to make a statement saying there were absolutely no wild  salmon in Yemen, and people hoping to fish there were wasting their time!

So what on earth can a film called Salmon Fishing in the Yemen possible mean? Well exactly what it says funnily enough. Considering Yemen is on the arabian peninsula it most definitely doesn’t have the right climate that Salmon are accustomed too; but apparently in some areas they can live (no idea if this is true or not; probably not if I had to guess).

Anyway the movie is about a Sheikh in Yemen with more money than sense wants to be able to fish for Salmon, one of his favourite hobbies, closer to home. Obviously Salmon don’t live in Yemen so he pays big money to get people involved to make a natural home for Salmon. Big money as in he builds his own private dam and offers to buy 10,000 salmon from the UK and countless other incredibly expensive projects to get the Salmon to live in Yemen. The British government fully backs the idea in the hope it causes some good publicity from the middle east which Afghanistan obviously wasn’t.

blah blah blah, lots of stuff happens. Namely Ewan Mcgregor who is some expect on fisheries so gets put in charge of the project by the UK government despite his protests and saying it’s completely mad! (Which it kind of is). He made a joke about all the things that they’d need to make the project work, the chief engineers from the 3 Gorges Dam, the British Oxygen company… “hat are those great big transport aircraft called? the big russian military… ANTINOVS.  Find out about renting two of those, one of the fish and one to carry all the money we’re going to need.” That made me burst out laughing 😀

The film I have to say was a lot better than I thought it would be. It sounded such a stupid name when it first came out and i’m not entirely sure why I sat down to watch it… but i’m glad I did! Some interesting story, with a couple of weird personal stories running alongside the main one, namely the main woman Henrietta and Ewan’s character (honestly can’t remember his name!) and their private relationships.

I would recommend if you want to watch something a bit different.



So here it is! Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! There have been spoilers for this for over a year. Expectations were super high from everyone I believe and I was no exception.

The picture above does give a spoiler somewhat, if you know anything about doctor who that is!

Unfortunately I couldn’t watch the episode at the time it was shown (apparently it was shown simultaneously worldwide to over 80 countries), as I was hosting an event and it would have been rude to go and watch that (despite it being on in another room!).

Doctor Who

Again… more spoilers… there are two or more doctors in this episode… and maybe some cameo appearances from some older cast members… 😛Drwho1

I have to say that I absolutely loved the episode. And if you really thought about what was going on it was such a complex story but the way it was presented meant you knew it all fully, provided you paid full attention that is! I honestly thought they would totally screw up the episode, but they didn’t and it’ll be a favourite for some time to come I think! They changed the future story slightly… so there should be more exciting things to come!