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I have to say that I was originally forced to watch this film against my will. I thought it was another film I watched with Matt Damon (I think it was him anyway) about some guy going into the wilderness to find himself and it being one of the worst films i’ve ever seen. BUT, this was NOT that film.

Still, it was about a boy who became sick of his life and really wanted to explore. He decides to run away, well not run away as he is 23 years old! But his parents and sister have no idea where is he or has gone, all they know is that he has tried his best not to be found. Turns out he starts hitch hiking and kayaking and walking anywhere and everywhere he can, eating food as and when it comes. What makes this movie more fascinating is that it’s a true one, or it’s based on true events anyway. The guy goes on a huge number of adventures, even nearly sleeping with a young Kristen Stuart.


I hate how people say that she’s unattractive. She is. There was a comedian who said a joke involving Britney Spears that I thought was relevant “You make fun of her putting on a tiny bit of weight, make fun of her in awkward situations… but if you slept with her, you’d be high-fiving everyone on the night bus home!”. So yeah.

Anyway back to the story(!), he meets a hippy couple, tries his best to cope by himself in the wilderness, finds an abandoned bus, meets an old guy who wants to adopt him and leave all his house and everything to him, a randomy couple with the girl always topless who are from Copenhagen and lots of other bizarre situations in the 2hr20+ film!

I don’t want to put any spoilers in the story, but he’s travelling to Alaska. And here’s a self portrait photo of the real guy who did the journey!

chris_mccandlessI thoroughly enjoyed the film and it’s left quite an impression on me. It was a good watch but I think I really was in the mood for this movie.



GrapesOfWrath 001


Grapes of Wrath. A famous modern classic book by John Steinbeck, amazingly this film was released during the second world war. I can imagine people going to the cinema to go and watch this. Escapism.

The film was only 2hours 10 mins, but it felt like much longer. There were some beautifully filmed scenes such as the one in the picture above which is the opening to the film. A man walking down a long road, as a photographer I loved the way it was framed. Beautiful!

Unfortunately I think the film could have been shown in half the time… there were many slow scenes. Mega slow. I haven’t read the book so I can’t say if the film did the book justice but I can only hope that the slow scenes were trying to give it justice.



The story is about a family travelling to California after receiving a poster saying there are 800 [fruit] picker jobs paying good wages. Unfortunately for them they are forced of their own homes by some company seizing the rights to the land, apparently all the farmers were merely tenants and some company bought the rights to the land. There was an awesome scene in the book with Caterpillar Tractors coming and forcing people of their land, the closest picture I could get of it is this:i125844

So the story is of the families travels to California looking for the jobs, but not all is as it seems as it turns out over 5000 leaflets had been printed for 800 jobs, up to 20,000 people have seen it and all the jobs have long gone. So what happens?


They keep travelling looking for work, but some horrible places along the way!




Misery. A novel by Steven King, so it must be scary right? Yes I have to say it was quite scary, full of suspense from such a simple idea.

A famous author is driving away from his favourite retreat where he loves to write his books. His book series is “Misery”, the surname of the main character in his book series. Unfortunately for him there is a heavy snowfall and his car skids off the road and he car rolls and he goes unconcious. “Luckily” for him his No. 1 fan was stalking him and saw him go off the road, she gets him out of the car and takes him home. Also luckily, she is a qualified nurse so knows how to look after him.

Although not all as it seems, she loves him so much she wants to keep him forever, so she’s not trying to make him better… and decides to “hobble” him after his broken legs get better.

Yes this scene happened… it made my mum scream lol.

The story is about him trying to get away, and having to re-write his finished book because she didn’t like the ending. Scary stuff, definitely a good watch!




I got mugged into watching this film after my mother insisted we watch something together on Christmas day. It’s about a woman called Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist.

She falls in love with Diego Rivera, true to real life. They are both artists and Diego becomes head of some socialist party in Mexico; he’s quite powerful and loves to womanise. The story is of their relationship and  lots of what appears to be true life events!

There were many sexy scenes, some were incredibly embarrassing to watch with my mother. To which she kept asking the age of the film lol. salma-hayek-fridaShe has such a hot body, not sure about the monobrow though…

Here’s a photo from wikipedia of how they look in real life. The actress Salma Hayek is amazing!


There was no real purpose to watching this film as it was chosen sort of at random. I’m not sure i’d recommend that people watch it but it stands out more as a film than a lot of others I have seen. Maybe because quite a lot of it is based on true events, including Leon Trotsky staying at their home after being put into exile by Stalin.


images (4)
So it’s the 74th Hunger Games. The whole concept is a bit weird, but it’s enjoyable to watch. This seems a bit like a teenage girl’s version of Battle Royale. If you liked this film but wanted it to be a bit more “realistic” and show the action as it probably should have been then watch Battle Royale.

Saying that, Battle Royale is not a family film, this is! Basically they live in what appears to be a post apocalyptic north america (according to wiki anyway) although the whole infrastructure isn’t anything like it is currently so this could be an alien planet for all we know. And the whole country is divided into districts 1 to 12, every year a girl and boy from each district is chosen by lottery to compete in a televised fight to the death, whereby only the winner and thus last person standing comes out alive.

I’ve seen this before but it made for good Christmas Eve viewing, better than the other dribble on tv anyway.

I did enjoy watching it, but some of the story was missing something, but I hear the next film in the trilogy (based on books by Suzanne Collins) which is currently in cinema is fantastic.


Game of Thrones A Storm of Swords


Utterly brilliant. By far the best book i’ve read so far in the series. I hate to give spoilers but more happens in this book than all the rest (possibly combined!). He’s such an epic writer, one of the reviews in the book says “one of those effortless reads” and well I think they hit the nail on the head there.

I’m definitely hooked. I have read further than the tv series which is always nice, but in finishing the book I have read nearly 2800 pages… wow. That’s a heck of a lot of pages, but it’s so enjoyable I really don’t feel it as a struggle at all.

Annoyingly I sat next to someone on the train a few days ago who was reading not the next book in the series but the one after that… and well I took a peak at the book and I saw that one of the characters is still alive…. although it hasn’t ruined the story but I know that they will be alive later on… suspense kinda gone when you know that. But saying that so many people died in this book that literally anything could happen in the next one! I very much doubt that the next book will be as action packed as this but i’m looking forward to find out!

Read them, NOW! 🙂

I saw them all in the charity shop today at £1.80 each in mint condition… I nearly bought them but I already have them… I spent so much more on mine! But at least mine were new I guess! I love the smell of new books, oh yes! 🙂


Seraphim.Falls.2006 (4)

Seraphim Falls. Another Pierce Brosnan movie. He’s quite good I give him that. And this film has Liam Neeson, what’s not to love?!

The film is about a band of men hunting down a man (Pierce Brosnan) who supposedly did crimes and killed some people. There’s one main guy who is paying the rest to hunt him down, he’s also quite ruthless (Liam Neeson).

So the story is about them hunting him, and as you’d expect the partying hunting him gradually decreases as  he gradually kills them one by one. Ok i’ve just ruined the whole film, but it was an interesting watch. I wont be watching it again i’m afraid to say but it wasn’t bad by any means, just not fantastic which i’m kind of looking for in films now.

One of the final scenes:

imgseraphim falls5(1)

Oh and it’s set in the 1800s, duhh. Lots of cowboyish stalking!


SPOILER: Turns out Brosnan accidentally killed the hunter’s (Neeson) wife, child and baby.