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Django Unchained was one of the most celebrated movies of 2012. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go to the cinema to go and watch it. It was on during a time in my life where I was living the furthest away from a cinema I have ever been! Saying that, I wasn’t dieing to watch it, i’m not a big fan of Jamie Foxx, although i’m probably just basing that on a cringe worthy performance in Horrible Bosses.

I have to say this film was utterly brilliant. It was very Tarantinoeque, probably because he directed it (it’s based on a comic book btw). but if you sat me down to watch it and at the end say who directed it without telling me prior I would definitely had said Tarantino.




Anyway, the movie is about Django (above) who is a slave but is special in someway; he gets rescued by Dr Schultz (played spectacularly by Christopher Waltz). It turns out Dr Schultz isn’t the travelling dentist he appears to be, but a bounty hunter who then recruits Django. Hence the above being a hit.

django-unchained1Django only has eyes of rescuing his wife (also a slave) from a super wealthy and quite mad Calvin Candie (played by Leonardo Di Caprio), owner of the famous Candie Land plantations. The majority of the story is the elborate plot rescue his [bizarrely] German speaking wife.

Samuel L Jackson plays Stephen, Mr Candie’s chief of staff. Despite being black himself, he’s risen far above his peers, much to the detriment of his peers as he’s cruel and one of the most annoying characters I think i’ve ever seen Jackson play. It’s him who finds out the plan Django is doing to rescue his wife, and rats him out to Mr Candie. UH-OH.

Sorry too many spoilers in this one, but it’s such a good film! I would totally recommend. The only criticism of the film is that it is nearly 3 hours long, and although I was totally captivated all the way through it ate into quite a lot of my day lol.

I would 100% watch again!





Stupid beyond belief. I honestly have no idea how I sat through this movie.

I loved the first Hangover movie, the second was quite funny but this one if taken as a standalone movie sucked beyond belief.

Watch the first and second one, and give this one a miss; i’m just grateful I didn’t pay over £10 to go to cinema to see it! I’ll very much doubt they’ll make another movie any time soon!

I’ll say it again, sucked beyond belief.









I saw a review online about the top 10 books ever, and somebody had listed this. Although this is a graphic novel it has become a sort of cult classic. I have seen this on the shelves and never really took it much notice but I thought what the heck why not borrow it from the library, if it sucks I can always give it back.

But I have to say that i’m really impressed, but slightly saddened by the fact that I read the whole story in a very short space of time. I’m no speed reader, and with this being a graphic novel I take my time to look carefully at the illustrations but still I managed to whizz through the book.

It turns out I need not worry about handing the book back unread as I did really enjoy every minute of reading it. Again, apart from its shortness I find it hard to fault. It’s both funny and slightly magical at the same time. I personally wouldn’t name it as one of the top 10 books of all time, but it certainly has its charm.

Anyway, my favourite character so far is Thorn a girl Fone Bone meets on his journey. Ted the bug is also pretty funny! Some of the other characters are really annoying, but it’s how they are supposed to be.


Is it slightly worrying that i’m slightly attracted to Thorn? I think it’s because she looks sorta like someone I know (Who I kinda like). But saying that the pic above… she doesn’t have blue eyes in the book… heh, the more you know haha

ted the bug

I’m finding it kinda great to show pictures from the book, never been able to do that with the other novels i’ve read! The guy on the left is Fone Bone, the main character in the book, and although rather featureless in design, he has a strange charm about him.


Hard to give a score as the book is a short story, and not the complete collection. Anyway I really enjoyed reading something different and have already put in a reserve to read the next book in the series!

theillusionistThe Illusionist is a somewhat silent movie, so despite watching the film without subtitles, there wasn’t that much of a language problem as 99.9% of the film is silent regarding people speaking.

As part of a photography society at my university there was a planned trip to go and see this film at an independent cinema but for some reason I can’t remember I was unable to go, to which I was gutted. I am slightly disappointed it has taken me this long to actually watch it.

Anyway the film is about an illusionist who is struggling to get work as his type of show is becoming much less popular, so he goes travelling with his rather bitey rabbit (I’ve never know rabbits to purposely bite, unless wearing yellow rubber gloves :D)


He goes to London from Paris then onto the middle of nowhere in Scotland. Where he meets a young(ish) girl, who comes on the travels with him to Edinburgh.  There’s not a huge amount said between the two, but the illusionist takes on a father figure role (kinda), buying random gifts for the girl whilst making enough money for them to eat.

TheIllusionist-Scene13Some of the scenes are absolutely stunning. It just goes to show that simplicity and charm go a long way!


The scene from the pic above really stood out. Not sure why but it just does. If you watch it, maybe it’ll stand out for you too and you can tell me why!

Rather unfortunately, the film isn’t all happy magic, but it becomes kinda sad. The panic on the guys face when the girl says she’s cooked Rabbit (I still remember from GCSE French that Lapin means Rabbit), but he hopes she didn’t cook his pet rabbit… turns out she did, and the rabbit was hiding under the sofa eating sausages, whut they don’t eat sausages lol.



Oh the above made me really sad. The ventriloquist who they are neighbours with in a short stay apartment building started to become depressed and from what I can only imagine as running out of money he sold his puppet. And to see this pic as giving it away for free makes me sadder still!



And to top it off, the girl starts to go AWOL. And meets a man who she starts seeing, i’m not sure if this makes the illusionist sad or happy but he decides to leave. And you can see the note on the table where he writes Magicians don’t exist (aww 😦 ).



I might have inflated this score slightly, but it did really move me. And for the power it had, without using any words, made me feel its brilliance as well as what utter rubbish movies there are about. Magnificent, but please don’t watch if you want cheering up.

the counterfeitersIt’s been quite a while since i’ve watched a German movie.  Too long perhaps.

I bought this movie ages ago, but have been sitting on it whilst my netflix christmas month ran out. It was worth the wait i’d say, a different kind of WW2 film. It’s also a true story, of the German war effort to break the British economy whilst funding their own arms trade.

Ok it has the familiar setting of Jews in a concentration camp, except these Jews were trying to counterfeit more money, but obviously it goes against their interest actually making money for the Germans so they try and stall whilst trying not to get killed themselves.

It was an interesting watch, with all the politics that went on, and motivating people to do things against their interests.

the counterfeiters2

I would recommend for sure, if you’re into those kind of movies.


the green butchers“De grønne slagtere” to be by its proper Danish title.

I finally watched it. I promised my (now ex) gf that I would watch this one day, and I don’t give up on promises so easily.

I had no idea what to expect from this movie except perhaps a comedy somewhat similar to the only other Danish film i’ve ever watched and that was Adam’s Apple. The dark humour wasn’t too dissimilar although the whole story was completely different. 

The main theme is about couple of butchers who hate their boss and decide to open their own rival butchers. In opening their own they have a problem with the lights in the freezer, so when an electrician comes to fix the lights and do the re-wiring he accidentally gets trapped in the freezer and is dead by the morning.

One of them panics and decides to chop him up and ends up selling him. To his surprise, everyone loves the meat and people are going mad for it (not sure how they disguise it as chicken though); they even get so famous they are put on tv! Then things start to unravel…

The story is quite a bit deeper than that, Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic throughout  Very dark humour but a great story if you’re into that kinda thing.

Green Butchers

The scene with the beach balls is funny, where one of the butchers twin brother is a bit brain damaged and gets into a fight with Mads about whose beach ball is bigger.


Steven Jobs
This tv documentary I thought i’d review. It was an hour long and covers quite a lot of ground.

The documentary was made just after Steve Jobs died in 2011, I would also go so far to say that it was made in a hurry. It skimps over certain parts of Steve Job’s life as if they were unimportant, such as being an orphan and his family and upbringing, which would take longer to read this sentence than what they said about his upbringing.  Admittedly, it is a 49min film so a lot has been cut out.

Steve-Jobs-Billion-dollar-HippyThe main downfall of this tv documentary is that there is only a couple of mins of Steve jobs speaking. You’d have thought there would be more of HIM, instead of people associated with Apple talking about him. I have watched another documentary (or maybe youtube video) that had mostly him talking which I thought was a little better constructed.

Anyway, it was interesting to see some of his life and how he became super rich from Apple then Pixar.

Needed more Steve Jobs.