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hat a film! Wow! I really enjoyed watching it, especially after the last few disaster films i’ve watched [disaster = adjective lol].

I’ll be honest, before watching this film I thought it would be incredibly stupid, so stupid in fact that I refused to watch it for 6 years.

It’s all about a man who is a former secret service agent who has his daughter kidnapped whilst she goes abroad. The only stupid thing is why he is so paranoid about his daughter in the first place, she doesn’t get kidnapped because she is his daughter or anything like that, just that she’s a tourist visiting Paris :S. It’s a remarkably simple concept but it’s giving people from the USA even less of a reason to travel abroad.

So yeah,the story is about Liam Neeson (amazing actor!) getting his daughter back. He already has a strange relationship with his daughter, his ex wife has married again and his daughter really likes her step dad and he’s been kinda pushed to the sidelines.

Her under the bed, famous scene!


Really great film, I shouldn’t have waited so long to watch it!



Running with Scissors. I was strangely curious to watch this film, it is a famous film, i’d reckon most people have at least heard of it or at very least the expression.

First off, the trailer for this film in my opinion was better than the film itself.

It was funny in parts but mostly stupid. I can get the cult comedy parts but some bits of the story were so unrealistic that kinda brought me out of the immersion of the film.

The story is all about a boy called Augustin and his mentally ill mother who thinks she is the best writer since Dickens. Anyway, Augustin’s father (Alec Baldwin) quickly disappears out of the picture and who can blame him being married to a woman as mad as that. Things quickly spiral out of control when Augustin has to go and live with his mother’s therapist, who then tries to adopt him.


It sounds stupid but those parts of the film were kinda funny (bizarrely!), but the rest of it is stupid. Augustin’s relationship with the therapists daughters (nothing happens) and he ends up being gay sleeping with a 35+ year old… but he’s 13 for god’s sake, he’d be arrested and omg it’s just so stupid.

Joseph Cross and Evan Rachel Wood star in RUNNING WITH SCISSORS.

I know this film is based on a book (which I haven’t read) but this film had so much promise and perhaps I built it up too much to be something completely different to what I wanted it to be than when it turned out it was super alternative and not very funny with stupidness all over it I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t a waste of my time watching the film as some bits I found very interesting but so disappointed.



November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56Froooozzzeeeeeen. Famous film for 2013. I never managed to see it in cinema though, although it’s come out on dvd now (but it’s still showing in some cinemas I think :S huuuuhhh???).

I only watch it because my mum is desperate to watch it after they won some awards at the BAFTA’s. hmmm.

Anyway, I watch it and it was completely different to how I expected it to be. It’s a story of two sisters where one has a magical power to turn things to ice, except for her she turns the whole kingdom to ice… and yeah… the story is kind of about getting summer back again.

Although this film is no Finding Nemo, it was actually a pretty good family film. When I have children I would consider watching this with them… might be a few years off that though!

Oh the moose is the best! 😀

frozen-disney-5My favourite part of the movie was where the moose gets his tongue caught on the stairway made of ice… although you only see it for like a fraction of a second… I  couldn’t find a decent pic of it so have the above one instead 🙂



181128-sean-lock-purple-van-man-tourIf you didn’t already know, I think Sean Lock is absolutely brilliant. He regularly has me in tears of laughter.

This was his latest tour, if I had known about the tour I definitely would have gone to see it! I’m eagle eyed for the next one! He’s just so mad!

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but it was very funny, I wasn’t in a super happy/funny mood so maybe I didn’t enjoy it as much as I otherwise would have but I still laughed a lot, particularly at one seen, his mental imagery is amazing!

Sean Lock

After Sex… interesting title for a film.
I watched this because I looked up Mila Kunis’ filmography and this was one of her first main film debuts. I wanted to see her beginnings, I reckon she’ll go onto bigger and better things, I guess i’ve caught the Kunis bug after watching Oz The Great and Powerful. heh, she is pretty hot!

But err yeah, back to the film. It’s about 9 couples, a short story to each, discussing their relationships and whatever else people generally feel the need to talk about right after the moment. Most of the couples are hetrosexual but 3 are gay. Some of their conversations were quite funny, who is the “bitch and the butch”. Some of the people’s conversations were quite deep and meaningful and some were just stupid.

Mila Kunis was hot in it. AfterSex
Anyway, not a seminal film by any means but it was kinda funny to watch in parts.



tryptich_4000x1800We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!

Well this story adds to the many many sub stories from the book. I do really like the story and the sub-stories but they all seem to contradict one another. Well this and the musical Wicked definitely contradict each other.

I’ll be honest I really thought this adaptation would be terrible, another horrible made, cash cow making movie. But it was actually pretty good, in parts at least. It’s not a seminal film, but Mila Kunis is hot in it! haha.

The story is about the wizard arriving in Oz, well before Dorothy and Toto turn up.



Oz-The-Great-and-Powerful-caEmerald city! it’s actually pretty well made, I mean they didn’t exactly show much of anything but I thought it worked pretty well!

oz-the-great-and-powerful (1)This little girl was my favourite, she’s made of China and the wizard used glue to stick her legs back together when the wicked witch sent her flying baboons to destroy China city (noooes!).




Quite a bizarre film. It’s Sunday so I thought i’d watch some kind of animation, so this was it!

I’ve heard of this film quite a lot, I see it on the shelves at various shops in the World Cinema section. It wasn’t what I thought it’d be. It’s all about a man who got turned into a pig but now flys a plane to capture/kill pirates lol. He has his own quiet little island where he lies on the beach waiting for a new job.

porcorosso202The story is mostly about Porco (or Crimson Pig in English :S, it’s Porco Rosso in German), trying to beat the American pilot to save himself financially and stop a girl he’s looking after to not marry the american.

porco_rossoIt’s a little stupid in parts, and I can’t believe they could turn it into a 1 & 1/2 hour movie. It was interesting to watch but maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it. It was also nice to see a Japanese film based in a different country (Italy).