After Sex (2007)

After Sex… interesting title for a film.
I watched this because I looked up Mila Kunis’ filmography and this was one of her first main film debuts. I wanted to see her beginnings, I reckon she’ll go onto bigger and better things, I guess i’ve caught the Kunis bug after watching Oz The Great and Powerful. heh, she is pretty hot!

But err yeah, back to the film. It’s about 9 couples, a short story to each, discussing their relationships and whatever else people generally feel the need to talk about right after the moment. Most of the couples are hetrosexual but 3 are gay. Some of their conversations were quite funny, who is the “bitch and the butch”. Some of the people’s conversations were quite deep and meaningful and some were just stupid.

Mila Kunis was hot in it. AfterSex
Anyway, not a seminal film by any means but it was kinda funny to watch in parts.




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