Running with Scissors (2006)

Running with Scissors. I was strangely curious to watch this film, it is a famous film, i’d reckon most people have at least heard of it or at very least the expression.

First off, the trailer for this film in my opinion was better than the film itself.

It was funny in parts but mostly stupid. I can get the cult comedy parts but some bits of the story were so unrealistic that kinda brought me out of the immersion of the film.

The story is all about a boy called Augustin and his mentally ill mother who thinks she is the best writer since Dickens. Anyway, Augustin’s father (Alec Baldwin) quickly disappears out of the picture and who can blame him being married to a woman as mad as that. Things quickly spiral out of control when Augustin has to go and live with his mother’s therapist, who then tries to adopt him.


It sounds stupid but those parts of the film were kinda funny (bizarrely!), but the rest of it is stupid. Augustin’s relationship with the therapists daughters (nothing happens) and he ends up being gay sleeping with a 35+ year old… but he’s 13 for god’s sake, he’d be arrested and omg it’s just so stupid.

Joseph Cross and Evan Rachel Wood star in RUNNING WITH SCISSORS.

I know this film is based on a book (which I haven’t read) but this film had so much promise and perhaps I built it up too much to be something completely different to what I wanted it to be than when it turned out it was super alternative and not very funny with stupidness all over it I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t a waste of my time watching the film as some bits I found very interesting but so disappointed.




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