Taken (2008)


taken (1)
hat a film! Wow! I really enjoyed watching it, especially after the last few disaster films i’ve watched [disaster = adjective lol].

I’ll be honest, before watching this film I thought it would be incredibly stupid, so stupid in fact that I refused to watch it for 6 years.

It’s all about a man who is a former secret service agent who has his daughter kidnapped whilst she goes abroad. The only stupid thing is why he is so paranoid about his daughter in the first place, she doesn’t get kidnapped because she is his daughter or anything like that, just that she’s a tourist visiting Paris :S. It’s a remarkably simple concept but it’s giving people from the USA even less of a reason to travel abroad.

So yeah,the story is about Liam Neeson (amazing actor!) getting his daughter back. He already has a strange relationship with his daughter, his ex wife has married again and his daughter really likes her step dad and he’s been kinda pushed to the sidelines.

Her under the bed, famous scene!


Really great film, I shouldn’t have waited so long to watch it!



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