Erin Brockovich (2000)

ulia Roberts… what a woman! haha. I’ve never seen this as my father would never watch this and my mother has seen it and even complained when I said I just watched it as she had already seen it (but I was watching it!!).

The story is based on the true one about Erin Brockovich who was instrumental in bringing down PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) who were poisoning the counties water supply. Julia Roberts plays Erin, extremely well in my opinion, she is a single mother, a vastly uneducated legal assistant (who she fought all odds to get) and managed to unite the people to take on a multi billion dollar company.

Her dress sense tells you a little bit about her.

Say what you like about her, but she is very ballsy… very ballsy indeed!

A brilliant film, ok there were no explosions and any nudey car chases but it was a really interesting story which in my opinion counts for much more than all the CGI you can throw at a film.

I would tell you to go and watch it, but I feel i’m the only person who hasn’t seen it!



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