Les Triplettes de Belleville (2003), Fr

t’s Sunday again and i’m watching another animated film! This was recommended by pretty much every website to do with international animated films. Sylvain Chomet being a pretty famous for making animated films I guess it would be natural for me to watch this one day! It is supposedly his masterpiece.

There are so many great visual images to this film! I wont put them all but some were terrific. Although despite all the strong visual images I carry from the film I didn’t really like it, certainly not to the level I thought I would prior to watching it, maybe this was because I watched the Illusionist and another of Chomet’s work La vieille dame et les pigeons  (maybe I should write that up too, but it was a long short film lol).

The picture above is of a little boy who lives with his grandmother and she does everything she can to try and make him happy, including buying him the dog, but what he really wants is to ride in the Tour De France. So yeah cycling.

He grows up….

I can’t really remember how they came to meet the Triplets of Belleville and what they really did to support the main storyline but they are singers, famous singers in their youth and them keep on singing. I can’t say too much about them but they certainly love to eat frogs!

I don’t want to ruin the story but he gets kidnapped whilst on Tour De France by the mafia and becomes a prisoner… riding in the underground gambling circuit….

I wouldn’t recommend this film, I mean it was ok but it didn’t blow my mind like some of the other animations I have watched!



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