Lego Movie (2014)


EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! (One of the best songs in cinema)

Wow this film. I mean I like Lego and everything but they certainly did a very good job in creating a fun and heart-warming story that is going to boost Lego share price through the roof! I was lucky enough to go to Legoland this year and wow it was heaving… more people there than I have ever seen. The gift shop was full of merchandise from the film… so many people in the shop it was hard to move, people literally fighting over stock! And none of it is cheap!!

So yeah, this story is a bit matrix like in the fact that most of society are a bit mindless and go about their everyday lives… “following the instructions”… building things according to the instructions of the lego boxes… but a secret and persecuted group full of “master builders” mix and match up the lego.. yeah so kids can be “master builders” too… more lego sold! And yeah, super baddie… lots of battles etc… awesome film…. even if it did kind of heavily push the sale of more Lego.

It’s a great family film, heartwarming and awesome. And if you like lego in the slightest at any point in time, then this film is for you! 🙂



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