The Infidel (2010)


I’ll be honest, I saw this film about a year ago! I’m going to try my best to catch up and write all the movies I have missed, I have written nearly all of them down to write later! 🙂

This film is Omid Djalili’s first movie as the main character. For those that don’t know, he is Iranian, usually his stand up involves a lot of light hearted jokes about him being Iranian or the way he looks. So this film was particularly relevant for him.

Mahmud Nasir (Omid Djalili) is a muslim. His wife is muslim, his children are muslim, his family are muslim. But one day he finds out a life changing secret, that he was adopted. And his real parents were Jewish!!!

So he has a life crisis as he doesn’t know how to handle this new knowledge. He finds a Jewish guy (who he generally hates) to teach him how to be a Jewish man; and to help find him his real parents.

It’s quite a funny story and one I am glad to have watched. But as much as I like Omid Djalili, I really don’t think I will watch it again.



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