Two Coelhos [Two Rabbits] (2012), POR


Two Coelhos, directly translates from Portuguese as Two Rabbits. But it really means the same here as Two Birds (as in killing two birds with one stone; shooting rabbits…).

I really don’t understand this film. Sometimes that can be a good thing but i’m not sure it really works here. I was pressured in to watching it as every week at work we have a movie evening. We stick on a dvd and watch a film one person recommends. There are a few Portuguese people at work so this seemed a popular choice… but I definitely wasn’t the only person who said WTF at  the end of it. I mean image you are a husband and you are driving along in a car and somebody drink drives and crashes into you… your wife and child are killed but somehow you survive… why would you be friends with the person who killed your wife and child… become their partner? WTF





Definitely wont watch again.


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